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A commended paper in the Brooking Prize 2016 by Andrew Stephenson and Jaclyn Smith

A highly commended paper in the Student Brooking Prize 2016 by Samer Skaik

A highly commended paper in the Brooking Prize 2016 by Adrian Baron

A commended paper in the Brooking Prize 2016 by Jody Williams

Have you ever wondered what life is like behind the desk of a Contracts Administrator? Come into the office of Helder Cardeira and experience a Day in the Life of a Contracts Adminsitrator. The views expressed are the authors own.

A paper based on talks by Philip Britton to the Society of Construction Law Australia in Newcastle NSW on 27 October 2015 and Darwin NT on 28 October 2015

This paper examines concurrency, its logical extension to pacing, and how pacing differs from concurrency.

Without doubt we are living in interesting times. And for those of us whose work collides with the built environment, we are seeing amazing technological progress collide with a socially and climatically changing world with the delivery of ever bigger and bigger projects. 

Our times are full of opportunities but we seem to be struggling to take full advantage of these opportunities here in Australia. 

The question I explore in this paper is whether we, as lawyers engaged in the built environment, are enabling our clients, and our society and even our planet, to fully realise these opportunities. And, what we could do to improve tomorrow over what we are achieving today. 


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