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2019 SoCLA financials

Minutes of the 2018 SoCLA Annual General Meeting.

SoCLA Chair's Report for 2019

SoCLA Treasurer's Report 2019.

SoCLA 2019 draft Financial Report

SoCLA Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019

Paper presented by Michael Whitten QC and Andrew Downie of MTECC on 28 May 2019

A highly commended paper in the Student Brooking Prize 2018 by Stefan Pislevik.

This paper analyses the impact of the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) within the World Trade Organisation (WTO), procurement legislation in construction law in Australia. This paper proposes a study of the relationship between the entities (Australian Government and GPA) outlining how and why the GPA affects the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR’s).  A Let's Connect submissions by Maike Barton.

This paper looks at the different methods of delay analysis defined by the Delay and Disruption protocol 2nd edition, some of their issues, and ‘subjective objectivity’ and bias by reference to Nobel Prize winner Dr Daniel Kahneman and his work on ‘Judgement Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases’.  A Let's Connect Submission by Tommy Wakefield-Smith

2018 National Conference Paper by Sean Kelly and Harrison Nurse

SoCLA 2018 National Conference paper by Dr Samer Skaik

Accompanying slides to John Sharkey's 2018 National Conference paper "Australian Rules: A Survey of the High Court of Australia on Construction Law 1965-2016"

2018 SoCLA National Conference paper by Sean Marriott.

2018 SoCLA National Conference paper by Dr Giorgio Marfella and Jeanette Barbaro.

2018 National Conference paper by Dr Sean Brady

2018 SoCLA National Conference paper by Julie Whitehead and Nicole Green.

2018 SoCLA National Conference paper by Peter Wood and Duncan MacKenzie

2018 SoCLA National Conference paper by Andrew Stephenson and Dado Hrustanpasic


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