The Thought Action Sub-committee:

  • Provides a collection of dedicated working groups for industry and thought leaders to connect and together initiate positive change in the construction industry for the benefit of the construction industry and public as a whole both in Australia and overseas and drives a number of incentives of thought-leadership.
  • The Thought Leadership Sub-committee participates in the research and publication of the useful results of such research in the field of construction law and related subjects. The Thought Action Sub-committee seek to undertake the follow up and implementation of that work within a distinct set of working groups.


Caroline Beaumaris 


  • Amy Dunphy (Chair Future Technology Sub-Committee)
  • Laina Chan
  • Jack Fry
  • Basil Georgiou
  • Michael Gibson
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Sean Marriott
  • Marko Misko
  • Andrew Robertson
  • Ben Hicks
  • Geraldine Valenzuela