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The Events subcommittee is responsible for all events or meetings in each State, as well as the national and international video conferences.

It is responsible for initiating and organising the events in conjunction with some of the other subcommittees.

A further objective is to capture podcasting/video content from these events.


Sean Brady


  • Andrew Robertson (Adelaide)
  • Shannon Schwarz (Adelaide)
  • Eunice Lim (Brisbane)
  • Megan Turner (Brisbane)
  • Melissa Yeo (Brisbane)
  • Nicole Wieringa (Brisbane)
  • Alisa Taylor (Canberra)
  • Lauren Polis (Canberra)
  • Jennifer Galatas (Melbourne)
  • Tom Kearney (Melbourne)
  • Sean Kelly (Melbourne)
  • Zan Mazharullah (Melbourne)
  • Paul Tobin (Newcastle)
  • Basil Georgiou (Perth)
  • Eu-Min Teng (Perth)
  • Louise Coleman (Perth)
  • Marianne Rose (Perth)
  • Saba Amir Goudarzi (Sydney)
  • Hannah Stewart-Weeks (Sydney)





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