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Sydney NSW

Fostering a sustainable construction sector: the NSW Government Action Plan

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The NSW Government Construction Leadership Group (CLG), a forum of leaders from all the key NSW Government agencies engaged in the delivery of the large, long term pipeline of infrastructure investment in NSW, has been established to drive reform across government in the development, procurement and delivery of infrastructure and building projects. In June 2018, the CLG published the NSW Government Action Plan which recognises that the NSW Government can only achieve its infrastructure objectives in partnership with the private sector.
Sonya Campbell will discuss the work being done by the CLG to turn the 10 commitments in the Action Plan into a program of specific measures to be rolled out progressively by the CLG, including development of the NSW Infrastructure Pipeline and Portal, Procurement Method Guidelines, Guidance on Security for Construction Projects and Interactive Tendering Process Guidelines. 
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Melbourne VIC

Disaster Recovery – Public Policy, Engineering, and Legal Perspectives

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SoCLA's Young Constructors Committee and Consult Australia's FutureNet are presenting a panel event on 5 June 2019.  It will provide in-depth insights and lessons learned regarding disaster recovery in Victoria and elsewhere from public policy, engineering and legal perspectives.
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Melbourne VIC

Defects on large-scale construction projects – what you need to know following recent cases including Opal and Lacrosse

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This presentation will provide a refresher on the law surrounding defects and rectification issues on large-scale construction projects with a focus on lessons learned from recent case studies such as the cladding issues on the Lacrosse building in Melbourne and structural issues on the Opal building in Sydney.
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Brisbane QLD

Building Networks that work

Networking is made up of more than just a string of contacts. You need a plan with a specific focus that will help you pursue the kind of relationships that move you closer to your objectives. There is also no one size fits all approach – everyone has a personal style so therefore you need to design an approach that will work for you.
This seminar will be conducted by Sue-Ella Prodonovich, one of Australia's leading advisors on business development and marketing for professional services.
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Brisbane QLD

Panel - Careers in Construction

There are a wide and varied number of paths that can be taken in pursuit of a career construction law.  Our panel of three professionals will discuss each of their different experiences in construction law, and share some tips and tricks about how they got where they are today.
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Sydney NSW

Insurance in major construction projects – what you should know

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SoCLA and HWL Ebsworth Lawyers invite you to attend this informative presentation by David Weinberger, barrister at 9 Wentworth Chambers.
In the complex and booming construction and infrastructure environment, it is important that those involved in projects understand what they are getting in terms of insurance, as not all insurance products are the same.
In this presentation, David will highlight the importance of understanding construction risk early on and what to consider in formulating adequate insurance cover for projects.
He will cover the different insurance products available as well as contemporary case law to provide an insight into the commercial and legal challenges associated with such insurance products.
By sharing industry "lessons learnt", David's presentation will offer key takeaways for contract drafters, dispute lawyers and project managers to minimise and deal with potential insurance related disputes.
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Sydney NSW

So You're a Construction Professional - But are you Resilient?

There’s no doubt that to be a successful construction professional you need Resilience. But looking behind the buzzword, what really is Resilience? Both on a personal and an organisational level?
The SoCLA is not only focused on providing events tackling the hard legal topics, but we are also focused on exploring the non-legal tools required to become a better construction professional. Mandy Scotney, Psychotherapist, business leader & founder of Chirp, will explore the skills and behavioural strategies to build and support resilience for individuals and within teams and organisations. Drawing from neuroscience research and self-management techniques, this event will provide you with applied techniques to thrive in our industry.
Mandy will explore whether resilience is something you can learn, she’ll explore how to build it, and discuss protective factors that can be employed to guard against burnout and the other negative impacts of stress in our workplaces and lives. Finally, she’ll consider resilience in our teams and organisations, focusing on how current and future leaders can create a positive workplace climate in order to promote and support resilience across the business.
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Brisbane QLD

The availability of the security of payment regime to insolvent claimants

The recent unanimous decision of the New South Wales Court of Appeal in Seymour Whyte Constructions Pty Ltd v Ostwald Bros Pty Ltd (in liquidation) [2019] NSWCA 11 has rejected the Victorian Court of Appeal position that an insolvent contractor cannot be a claimant under Security of Payment legislation and described the Victorian precedent as “plainly wrong”. King & Wood Mallesons acted for the liquidators of Ostwald Bros in both the Equity Division and Court of Appeal proceedings.
This seminar will consider the decision of the NSW Court of Appeal, and analyse the implications for other Australian jurisdictions.
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Melbourne VIC

Adam Constable QC and Trevor Thomas on recent developments to the prevention principle in the UK and Australia

SoCLA and the YCC in Melbourne invites you to a keynote address by one of the UK's preeminent barristers, Adam Constable QC (Keating Chambers), discussing recent developments to the UK's approach to the prevention principle and its application to construction projects.  Trevor Thomas (HWL Ebsworth) will provide an Australian perspective on this important issue, followed by networking over refreshments.
Membership with the SoCLA is not required.  We welcome all industry participants and students who want to attend this exciting event and join the conversation over drinks and canapes. 
If you wish to attend, please RSVP by using the REGISTER tab at the top of this page by Wednesday, 20 March 2019.  
This event has an audience capacity of 40, so please submit your RSVP as soon as possible as seats will be allocated on a "first in, first served" basis.
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Brisbane QLD

Legalwise Building and Construction Disputes Deep Dive

SoCLA members are able to register for this Legalwise Forum at the early bird rate until the date the conference runs.
Please contact the SoCLA office for registration details 
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