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Brisbane QLD

Health of the Australian Construction Industry Q&A Panel and Networking (Brisbane)

Presented by Professor John Sharkey, Phillip Greenham, Dr Matthew Bell, Wayne Jocic and Julia Korolkova. 
Due to the evolving COVID 19 situation in Melbourne this event has been postponed for all venues and WILL NOT be moved online.
It is hoped that we will be able to meet in person for this event later in the year.

Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration

Presented by Adam Constable QC, Lucy Garrett QC, Samuel Townend QC, Robert Fenwick Elliott and Jennie Wild of Keating Chambers
In this session, Keating Chambers will cover:

An overview of the law in respect of fiduciary duties, duties of confidentiality and expert duties.
Discussion of the UK court decision in A Company v Secretariat Consulting [2021] EWCA Civ 6.
The Australian position on conflicts of interest.
Other Australian law considerations (comparative law re dirty/clean experts and expert shopping).
Practical considerations (scope of expert retainers, how to contract out of fiduciary duties, injunctions etc).

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FIDIC - Where the bloody hell are you?

Online webinar presented by Kiri Parr, Tony Barry and Rob Nelson-Williams
Australia is seeing an emerging discussion about the use and adoption of standard contracts in market. This debate flows from concerns about the complexity and value of the bespoke contracts that are widely used in the Australian market and the multiple initiatives of government agencies and authorities to remodel their relationship with the construction industry to improve long term outcomes.
This webinar will examine the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Suite of Contracts, an internationally renowned and widely used suite of contracts but which is rarely seen in the Australian market.
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The Duty to Warn and the Combustible Cladding Crisis

Much has been written over the years on the application of the so-called “duty to warn” to construction projects.
In more recent times, the building industry has been rocked by the combustible cladding crisis. Public inquiries, litigation and building industry reform initiatives have ensued, as stakeholders and regulators look to apportion blame, allocate rectification costs and prevent situations like the Grenfell fire from recurring.
This presentation by Owen Hayford is based on his ‘highly commended’ entry in SoCLA’s 2020 Brooking Prize essay competition.
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Is COVID-19 construction’s Uber moment?

Governments are relying heavily on the construction industry to lead the economy out of recession but the industry is sick. Profitability is at an all-time low and productivity growth over the last thirty years trails that of other significant industries by 25 per cent. Women make up only 12 per cent of the construction workforce and construction workers are 6 times more likely to die from suicide than a workplace incident.
Could a global pandemic provide a long awaited catalyst for real and lasting change to how projects are procured and delivered?
Join the Australian Constructors Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Jon Davies, as he shares his thoughts on the opportunity for change, the form it could take and what it might mean for contracts.
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SoCLA Virtual Christmas Trivia & Networking Event

Say farewell to the old year in a new way! Dust off your knowledge for a few rounds of trivia conducted by our professional Quizmaster. This event will be an evening of fun and networking.
You can register as an individual or form a team of 5 and compete against other teams to see who will be crowned! Swap tables during the breaks and network with other SoCLA Members.
Check out this video to see how the event works.
Limited numbers so register early to avoid missing the fun.
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SoCLA Leadership Series: Episode 1 – The Pinnacle (Chris Burke)

SoCLA is offering a complimentary series of Leadership webinars for our members with local experts who will share their own unique perspectives and insights on leadership practices that they have experienced through their careers and beyond.
This online series may particularly interest those involved in the SoCLA Mentoring Program, though all SoCLA members are welcome to attend.
Episode 1 features Chris Burke, Chief Counsel for the National Disability Insurance Agency. Chris is the  only  Australian or  New  Zealand woman  to  have  climbed 10  out  of  14  of  the  world’s highest  peaks  over  8,000m.
The webinar will be hosted on a new interactive forum, providing attendees the opportunity to ask questions, participate in polling and network with other attendees before and after the event.
We invite attendees to submit two questions for our guests to discuss. 
The most thought-provoking and conversation-inspiring questions will be used to guide the conversation. Submit  your questions before 5pm on 17 November. 
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Perth WA

Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Bill 2020 (WA) – The definitive review

Join a panel of representatives from Resolution Institute, SoCLA and the MBA as they review and discuss in detail all of the key aspects of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment BCISP Bill as recently introduced to State Parliament.
Panellists:  Lee Panotidis, Cathryn Greville, Deon Baddock and Bavani Rengasami 
As COVID-19 restrictions apply there will be limited access to the venue, but on-line access will be available simultaneously.
Members are invited to join the event through this WebEx link shortly before the above time:
Please RSVP and register as we still need to record reservations and attendances for WA CPD requirements.
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Sydney National

"The Design and Building Practitioners Act, The proposed regulations and their implications"

This online webinar will be presented by Laina Chan and Ewan McKay.
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Sydney National

Where next for the Australian PPP model?

This webinar will be presented by Owen Hayford, Partner, DLA Piper on Monday 21 September 2020 at 5:00 pm AEST.
The PPP model has been implemented with success in the Australian market over many decades, but the commercial landscape continues to change. Contractors are pushing back on the traditional PPP risk allocation whereby all construction phase risks are transferred to a D&C contractor via a fixed price, fixed time contract. Governments are responding by saying that they propose to explore new ways of allocating or sharing risks. Is there an opportunity for equity investors to share some of risks that were previously taken by D&C contractors, in a way that provides a better value for money outcome for governments and taxpayers? And how will the desire of parties for more collaborative approaches to procurement and contracting manifest itself in the PPP model? Owen will explore these and other questions.
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