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Who we are

The Society of Construction Law (Australia) is a single national organisation of members, at all stages of their professional career, who share an interest in construction law.  The 16 founding members were drawn from all mainland states as are the current directors.

The Society encourages the active involvement of all of its members and discourse across the broad spectrum of issues relating to construction law, including matters of policy and legislation, "front end" issues, dispute avoidance, and all forms of dispute resolution.

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The inspiration for the Australian Society is the exceptional contribution to the subject made by the SCL founded in the UK in 1983.  SCL UK has provided enthusiastic support and encouragement for its antipodean off-spring. There are similar organisations in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand, with organisations mooted for South Africa and other countries.

The SCL in the UK provides an excellent template for us in Australia. Its success can be gauged from its 2000+ members, including a number of members from Australia. It is well supported by the judiciary and construction law professionals.  

The various SCLs around the world cooperate in holding an biennial high-quality international conference on construction law. Our Society was honoured to hold the fourth such conference in Melbourne in May 2012. The conference attracted over 200 delegates from countries around the world.  

The founding principles of SCL UK being an organisation open to members of all professions interested in any aspect of construction law, and reliance on members’ voluntary work to keep running costs low are guiding principles for the Society of Construction Law Australia.

In line with keeping membership costs low, e-mail and the Internet will be the primary means of communication with members. It is intended that the papers presented at meetings anywhere in Australia will be readily accessible to the entire membership via the Internet in written and audio/video format. Members of the Society have access to SCL International which provides electronic access to an extensive range of materials on their website, including access to SCL UK materials.

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