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Young Constructors Sub-committee


The Young Constructors Committee (YCC) encourages and involves junior members of the construction industry in the activities of the Society. While the focus of the committee is on students and professionals in their first few years of practice, the events and activities are open for all SoCLA members to partake in.

The Young Constructors Committee is pleased to offer members the opportunity to participate in a national, industry-wide mentoring program. The mentoring program was established in 2015 and since its introduction it has grown from strength to strength and many of SoCLA’s members have been involved as mentors and mentees.

The YCC also established the inaugural Charrett Moot in 2015, named after former SoCLA Director Dr Donald Charrett. The Charrett Moot is now a national competition, with the Grand Final of the competition to be held as part of the SoCLA National Conference. A designated Moot Committee operates within the YCC, with representatives from each jurisdictions.


Sean Kelly

Vice Chairs

Sandra Steele (NSW)
Belinda Wong (WA)


  • Zan Mazharullah (Victoria)
  • Josh Singer (Victoria)
  • Allison van Beers (Victoria)
  • Eunice Lim (Queensland)
  • Nicole Wieringa (Queensland)
  • Hannah Stewart-Weeks (NSW)
  • Charlotte Gordon (NSW)
  • Eu-Min Teng (WA)
  • Catherine Williams (SA)
  • Freya Godfrey (Tasmania)

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