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Challenging The Norm - Is It Time To Re-Examine Renewable Construction Contracting?

2022 National Conference paper and slides by Mark Jackson.

Is the Extension of Time Clause in Construction Contracts Broken?

Online hearings of Construction Disputes – Storm clouds and silver linings

2022 National Conference paper and slides by Russell Thirgood.

System Integration Risk in PPP Projects

2022 National Conference video presentation by Damian Morris and José de Ponte. 

Dealing with Risk in a Digital Age — Strategies to Use Law & Technology Effectively

2022 National Conference paper and accompanying slides presented by Peter Holcombe Henley.

Collaborative PPPs

2022 National Conference paper and accompanying slides by Owen Hayford.

The greatest risk is taking no action – key learnings for the construction industry arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic

2022 National Conference paper presented by Rebecca Mathews.

The Emergence of Condition Limit States and Reliability Based Durability Design, and their Influence on Traditional Expectations of Concrete Performance.

2022 National Conference video by Frank Papworth

Manage risks: A continuing duty of assured benefits

2022 National Conference paper by Raj Prakash Raman and Lourdes Luna Valdez.

How do you Choose a Procurement Model?

2022 Conference video by Kiri Parr