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Security of Payment

Draft Confidential Action Plan - WA SOP Act

Confidential draft  Action Plan for Implementation of the Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2021 (WA).

Please do not distribute this document.

In which payment trust should the Australian construction industry place its trust?

A commended paper in the Brooking Prize 2020 by Bianca Teng and Dr Jeremy Coggins.

Now published at Insolvency Law Journal, 2020, Vol 28 (3), 113

Gold Digger: what are your state security of payment recourses?

Now, with cashflow more critical than ever, understanding recent changes to security of payment regimes and the effects of COVID-19-induced legislation is crucial for clients and their advisors alike. 

Matthew Hickey and Bianca Kabel deliver a concise and practical summary of what was, is and might be, when it comes to securing payment for construction projects of all sizes and at all stages of development.


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