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SoCLA Practice Note No. 1

SoCLA Practice Note No 1: Covid 19, force majeure and frustration

FIDIC - Where the bloody hell are you?

SoCLA webinar presented by Kiri Parr, Tony Barry and Rob Nelson-Williams.

Is COVID-19 construction’s Uber moment?

SoCLA webinar presented by Jon Davies, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Constructors Association.

Will COVID-19 cure the poor health of the Australian Construction Industry?

A commended paper in the Brooking Prize 2020 by Kiri Parr and Kevin Pascoe.

Now published at (2021) 197 ACLN 16.


Construction disputes after COVID-19 – jaw-jaw or war-war?

A commended paper in the 2020 Brooking Prize by Dr Donald Charrett.  (Now published at (2020) 193 ACLN 6)

Cyber hygiene during COVID-19

SoCLA webinar presented by Brendan Read and Vishka Peiris.

Gold Digger: what are your state security of payment recourses?

Now, with cashflow more critical than ever, understanding recent changes to security of payment regimes and the effects of COVID-19-induced legislation is crucial for clients and their advisors alike. 

Matthew Hickey and Bianca Kabel deliver a concise and practical summary of what was, is and might be, when it comes to securing payment for construction projects of all sizes and at all stages of development.


Paper presented by Andrew Downie via SoCLA webinar.

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