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Monday 6 Jul 2020

The ATO has provided clarification for recent queries about how rebates are applied for GST at settlement and how to complete Form one for purchasers if their contracts were signed before 1 July 2018.

Friday 3 Jul 2020

Nominations for the SoCLA Board are now open

The notice calling for nominations can be found here and nomination form can be found here.

The notice calling for nominations provides further information in relation to the Society and the role of the Board.

Nominations close on Thursday 16 July 2020 at 5:00 pm AEST.
Any enquires regarding the process should be directed to secretary@scl.org.au  and admin@scl.org.au.

Thursday 2 Jul 2020

The Society offers the Brooking Prize annually for the best essay submitted in the field of construction law.

It is named after The Hon Robert Brooking AO QC in recognition of his Honour’s pioneering contribution to the study and practice of construction law in Australia.

The Society is delighted to announce the following results in the 2020 Brooking Prize.


Paper title



For Fetter or Worse: The Fettering Doctrine in Government Building Contracts

Paul Tamburro (VIC)


Confusion reigns? The effectiveness of contractual provisions which seek to limit liability under the Australian consumer law

Joshua Bridgett (VIC)

Highly Commended (General Division)

Cracking the Code: Claims, Consultants and Ethics in the Construction Industry

Petrina Macpherson (QLD)

Highly Commended (Student Division)

The Successful Delivery of Infrastructure Projects – Fantasy or an Achievable Reality?

Laina Chan (NSW)

(General Division)

Construction disputes after COVID-19 - jaw-jaw or war-war?

Dr Donald Charrett (VIC)

(General Division)

Should parent companies be primarily liable to pay on demand for the acts of their contractor subsidiaries?

Tina Funge (NSW)

(General Division)

The duty to warn and the combustible cladding crisis

Owen Hayford (NSW)

(General Division)

Providing a safe harbour for insolvent contractors – a proposal for Commonwealth reform to divergent security of payment legislation

Christopher Hibbard and Sean Kelly (VIC)

(General Division)

Will COVID-19 cure the poor health of the Australian construction industry?

Kiri Parr and Kevin Pascoe (QLD)

(General Division)

In which payment trust should the Australian construction industry place its trust?

Bianca Teng and Jeremy Coggins (SA)

(General Division)

Security of Payment Laws: Singing in the same key, if not from the same songbook

Andrew Serb (NSW)

(Student Division)


Information about the 2021 Brooking Prize will be published here later in 2020.



Dr Matthew Bell (Chair, Judging Panel)


Wednesday 1 Jul 2020

Members may be interested in the new Let's Connect submission by Tommy Wakefield-Smith "Practical steps to managing the fallout of COVID-19 on engineering and construction projects". 

The paper can be downloaded from our Resources page. 

Wednesday 24 Jun 2020

Members may be interested to download the ACIF Update Report June 2020 from our Resources.  Please note this document is copyright to ACIF and should not be forwarded or distributed.

Wednesday 24 Jun 2020

Members may be in interested in the webpage developed by Infrastructure NSW - Response to COVID-19 which includes case studies on how COVID-19 is being managed on construction sites and at an organisational level. The case studies demonstrate how all players in the construction industry are doing their part to ensure project continuity in the healthiest and safest way possible. Infrastructure NSW is continuing to liaise with Government agencies and industry to add as many case studies as possible.  The webpage can be accessed here.

Wednesday 17 Jun 2020

Members may be interested in the “Comparison of FSE Guidance Documents and Assessment Criteria” Report from The Warren Centre. This Special Report to the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is in addition to the eight other main research reports in The Warren Centre’s Professionalisation of Fire Safety Engineering research series. 

The Report can be downloaded here.

Wednesday 17 Jun 2020

The Victorian Government has established the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce (the Taskforce to help keep the state’s building and development industry running during the crisis. 

The Taskforce is investigating planning and investment opportunities to boost Victoria’s building and development industry, including identifying priority projects to fast-track, and providing advice to Government on issues impacting the industry. Further information on the role of the Taskforce can be found at: https://www.planning.vic.gov.au/policy-and-strategy/building-victorias-recovery-taskforce.”

Monday 15 Jun 2020

Construction law has evolved in numerous ways over the past few years. In England and Australia, many developments have taken place along common lines. But there are also some notable differences, which give us cause for reflection as to ‘which approach works best’.

Hosted by the Society of Construction Law Australia and the Society of Construction Law (UK) this webinar presented by Julian Bailey will consider some of the key developments in construction law and notable areas of divergence in construction law between England and Australia.

More information is available here.

Please click here to register.

Tuesday 9 Jun 2020

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail, and in the current landscape that means putting your valuable data in the hands of criminals.

Presented by Brendan Read and Vishka Peiris of KordaMentha.

More information is available here

Please click here to register.


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