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The Society of Construction Law Australia ("the Society") invites expressions of interest to publish relevant material through its program Let's Connect

Rules for “Let’s Connect”

  1. Any member of the Society may submit an article for publication on the Society’s website to admin@scl.org.au  or any other email address notified from time to time. 
  2. The Society’s Board will delegate a panel of members from which one person will be nominated by the Convenor of the Academic Subcommittee of the Society to review an article submitted who will asses the article to ensure that it meets a minimum standard of interest and content before being accepted for publication on the website.
  3. The assessment of whether an article is accepted is within the sole, absolute and unfettered discretion of the person nominated to review the article. Different members of the panel may be nominated for the review of different articles.
  4. Articles must be authored or co-authored by members submitting them or members may submit articles authored by others. In each case, where the member submitting the article is not the author or sole author, that member must obtain the written permission of the author or other co-author: 
    • to submit the article;
    • to publish it on the Society’s website; and
    • for its subsequent unrestricted dissemination.
  5. It is not a requirement that articles must not have been published elsewhere, however, the member submitting the article must ensure that there is no restriction on the article being published on the Society’s website and subsequently disseminated.
  6. Members who submit the first 10 articles in any calendar year to the email address referred to in Rule 1 above and which are accepted for publication under these Rules will receive a $100 reward for submitting an accepted article. Members of the Board of the Society may submit articles for publication but will not be eligible for the reward.
  7. Prizes will be given for the 3 articles in a calendar year attracting the highest number of persons opening them on the Society’s website in the 2 months after first publication of the respective articles on the website and, if that period for an article expires in the next calendar year, that article will be deemed to fall in the next calendar year for the assessment of the prizes.
  8. The prizes will be awarded as follows:
  • first prize is $500.00 for the most number of openings in the relevant year;
  • second prize is $300.00 for the second most number of openings in the relevant year; and
  • third prize is $200.00 for the third most number of openings in the relevant year    

    9.    The Society’s Board may decide not to give a prize for an article if it believes that the number of openings for an article:

  •  has been achieved in a manner that is unfair to the other members who submitted articles; and
  • does not reflect openings by the same or substantially the same number of different persons opening the article.   

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