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Launch of Malaysia Protocol Summit

Fri 20 January 2017
To usher in the New Year our Malaysian colleagues are hosting a Construction Law Review and Delay and Disruption Protocol Summit on 20 January at the KL Regional Centre for Arbitration.

2017 SoCLA Mentoring Program - Applications Open NOW

Mon 28 November 2016


Fri 11 November 2016
The Infrastructure Coalition is launching its much anticipated paper on the case for the creation of an independent statutory authority in Western Australia.

Book Review: Rules of the Game by Teagan Dowler

Thu 29 September 2016
SoCLA Director and Diversity Committee Co-Chair, Jaclyn Smith, reviews Teagan Dowler's text on diversity in the construction industry and offers some insights into SoCLA's role in promoting diversity.

SoCLA and Consult Australia Addressing Cost of Tendering in NSW

Mon 26 September 2016
SoCLA Director Laina Chan has been working with Consult Australia in NSW to address the problem of the cost of tendering in large infrastructure projects. In meetings with industry, the extent of wastage in the design and documentation prepared by each tenderer has been identified.

Reform to Regulation of Construction in NSW

Thu 22 September 2016
The Society, led by Ian Bailey SC, has been involved in lobbying the NSW Government to adopt the recommendations of Michael Lambert for significant reforms of the regulation of construction including private certification process.

Dispatch from Sao Paolo: Sixth Society of Construction Law International Biennial Conference in Brazil – 13 – 15 September 2016

Tue 13 September 2016
The Brazil Conference was a huge success with over 200 delegates from Brazil and over 100 international delegates.

Let's Connect!

Thu 1 September 2016
The Society of Construction Law announces the “Let’s Connect” initiative, which is aimed at encouraging members to make available papers that might be of interest to other members.

Recognising that many of our members are not lawyers we want to encourage the exchange of information about construction and also construction law. We are developing our website to make these available to our members and will have a suitable index as well where authors will be recognised.

So, send us anything of general construction interest that you wrote or that someone else wrote provided you make sure we have their permission to publish it as per the Rules below.

In order to encourage our members to connect, we will be rewarding the first 10 contributors of articles accepted for placing on our website with a $100 gift and in addition those submitting publications will be eligible for a:

* first prize of $500.00;
* second prize of $300.00; and
* third prize of $200.00.

The winners will be determined simply by the greatest number of ‘hits’ their articles/papers attracted in the first 2 months after placement on our website.

The articles/papers can be as long as you like and there are very few rules governing them – see below. They will need to meet a basic level of acceptance as determined in the sole discretion of a delegated member of the Society.

So, see if you can get $100 reward or whether your submission is of sufficient interest to place you in the running for one of the prizes.

The submissions will be placed on the Society’s website for all our members to view. It is therefore intended that our members will have access to a broad range of topics of a construction law and construction nature.

The rules are reproduced below – as you will see, they are very simple and you have a pretty good chance of winning.

So, go for it! We would like to read your submission.


Thu 1 September 2016
The Western Australian Minister for Commerce tabled Professor Evans' Review of the 'Operation and Effectiveness of the Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA)' in parliament in August.

The report is publically available on the Department of Commerce website (click here to download). While the report was submitted in September last year the recommendations required consideration and comment by a number of different ministerial portfolios and state government departments.

International Mentoring Initiative

Sun 1 May 2016
The Society of Construction Law is excited to announce an initiative between the United Kingdom and Australia offering international mentoring for professionals moving between the two jurisdictions. We welcome expressions of interest from members of either Society who are looking to relocate jurisdictions and would like to be mentored by a practitioner in the new jurisdiction. We also welcome expressions of interest from practitioners who would be willing to be mentors for this initiative.

Please email Jaclyn Smith at

Purchase “Understanding Construction Law”

Purchase  “Understanding Construction Law”

Fri 29 April 2016
Copies of “Understanding Construction Law” are able to be purchased using the following link:

'Security of Payments - International Comparisons' - Philip Britton

Wed 3 February 2016
The Australian Construction Law Newsletter (ACLN) has kindly made available Philip Britton's insightful article 'Security of Payments - International Comparisons' from issue #165 . Click the banner to have access.

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