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National Event - 15 June 2017 - To Bar or Not to Bar - that is the question

Thursday 15 Jun 2017

Our working group is well advanced with its submission to John Murray on the current Federal Review of Security of Payment laws. The current draft is that of 5th June 2017, and that has been shared with John Murray as a draft, so he knows our general direction of travel.

Much of what we have to say is contained in the full Report we produced three years ago, updated to indicate the consensus views we have picked up from members on the recent NSW and Queensland reforms and the reviews in various States. We welcome comment on the draft. If any member has any comment, could they please provide this by email to admin@scl.org.au by 15th June?

 All feedback is encouraged.

 A new issue is the appropriate treatment of time-barring notice provisions, and for this we have explained to John Murray that we will want to distil the result of our several meetings around the country, to be followed by national video link-up, on 15th June.

That distillation will be required by 19th June. A preliminary view is in the draft for comment.  Again, if you are not able to attend any of the venues on 15th June, but would like to comment, please send it to admin@scl.org.au.

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