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Murray Review of Security of Payment Laws

SoCLA seeks members’ views on the Murray Review of Security of Payment Laws

The Murray Report reviewing security of payment laws is now publicly available. 

The report is the culmination of more than a year long process lead by the Federal Government and makes 86 recommendations.

The report can be accessed at: https://www.jobs.gov.au/review-security-payment-laws

SoCLA members are invited to comment to SoCLA on the report.

To assist SoCLA in coordinating its actions it is requested that members’ comments address the following questions:

  1. Which recommendations are supported by members? Do they have views that differ, or are in addition to the report, in support of any recommendation?
  2. Which recommendations are opposed by members? Why do they oppose the recommendation?
  3. Which recommendation(s) should SoCLA be involved in advocating for or against?
  4. Do members have suggestions in relation to the actions they propose SoCLA to undertake ie do they wish SoCLA to contact State and Federal Parliamentarians, do they propose additional educational events, other suggestions?
  5. Do members have any other suggestions or comments to make in relation to the Murray Report

All members’ comments should be directed to Cathie Witcombe.  

The Society understand that the Report is already under active consideration by various Governments and as such members are requested to provide their comments as soon as possible so SoCLA will have the benefit of them in determining its next course of action.

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