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Why managers derail: Exploring the dark side of leadership

Tuesday 9 Oct 2018
5.30 pm for a 6.00 pm start
Mills Oakley, Level 14, 145 Ann Street, Brisbane

Effective leaders provide a strategic advantage by maximising productivity and innovation through staff and client engagement. They are able to demonstrate value based leadership, even in the face of frustration and failure. This presentation examines the important role that 'dark side' characteristics can play in predisposing a leader or an emerging leader (at any level of the organisation) to engage in ineffective leadership, and the impact of destructive leadership on others. Results of research investigating personality traits that predispose leaders to engage in, or to inhibit harmful behaviours are discussed.  Our level of self-awareness, and our ability to self-regulate impulses and reactions, can influence whether our personal characteristics become our strengths or lead to derailment.  Strategies to avoid pitfalls and maintain career resilience are shared.

Dr Vicki Webster, Incisive Leaders

Vicki is an organisational psychologist with over fifteen years’ experience in leading teams that design and deliver organisational development and leadership development solutions to drive cultural change and increase employee engagement, capability and well-being.  As an infopreneur, diagnostician of underlying causes of organisational issues, and ideas challenger, Vicki has presented to a range of professional bodies on strategies for developing leadership capability and career resilience to enhance the productivity and well-being of workers.   Vicki completed her PhD thesis on the Dark Side of Leadership and Its Impact on Followers in 2016. Her research on the consequences of toxic leadership for followers has been published in Stress and Health - Fight, Flight or Freeze: Common Responses for Follower Coping with Toxic Leadership. Her article Assisting organisations to deal effectively with toxic leadership in the workplace was published in the June 2015 edition of InPsych. Vicki has also co-authored the book How to Get Ahead without Murdering Your Boss. Six simple steps to actively manage your career. 

In: https://au.linkedin.com/in/VickiWebsterIncisiveLeaders

W: www.incisiveleaders.com.au

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