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Lofty heights? Delay and Disruption in Vertical Projects

Wednesday 8 Sep 2021
12:30 pm AEST
Online webinar

Online webinar presented by Gemma Thomas of Pinsent Masons and Suzanne Chinner of Aston Consult.

Further details are available on this flyer.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been obsessed with building into the sky - from the tower of Babel to more recent mega rises spanning almost half a mile. Today, most city skylines are adorned with high-rises, which serve as commercial, residential, hotels and mixed-use buildings.

Reaching these lofty heights, however, brings it own risks which need to be navigated if the project is to be successful.

This session will provide insights into the risks associated with vertical projects, specifically the delay and disruption events often associated with these projects.  

This session will cover:

  • common causes of delay and disruption in vertical construction projects
  • some cases where those risks have played out
  • insights from a legal and quantum perspective
  • what makes a successful claim

Chaired by Sep Zarrin, SoCLA Events Subcommittee.

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