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The DNA of innovation for the Legal and Construction Professions

Thursday 6 Aug 2020
12:30 pm AEST
Online webinar

We know that every sector needs to be constantly reinventing itself and innovating. We also know that clients expect their representatives to be resourceful, creative thinkers. Contrary to popular belief, the most creative ideas are not unique or random. They have a template which makes them learnable, robust and applicable to any sector. What is more, they are used not outside but inside the box. In this webinar, Rachel Audigé will share some of the templates and the principles of Systematic Inventive Thinking that apply to them and work with the group to explore their value for Legal and Construction Professions.

About Rachel

Rachel is an engaging Franco-Australian speaker, facilitator, coach and trainer, based in Melbourne. She brings 25 years of international experience in marketing and innovation. Her sweet spot is helping smart people bust their cognitive bias so that they can come up with more inventive ideas more efficiently – using what they have.

Her preferred toolset is Systematic Inventive Thinking (www.sitsite.com). She also draws on training in The Thinking Environment which helps her ensure that people not only think differently but think well around her. She lectures on the award-winning program at UTS, the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII). She is a mentor on CSIRO’s innovation programs and a speaker for The Executive Connection (TEC).

Clients for innovation upskilling, results and strategic work have included Ford, Thales, Union Pay, Australia Post, Learning Seat, Absolute Immigration, CRRC, Legrand Industries, Health Purchasing Victoria, UTS, RMIT, Medibank, NAB, Woodside Energy, Tonkin Consulting, Northrup and the Polyglot Group.

Speaking engagements have included Bayside Business Network, NAB Village, Dimension5, FACCI Co-Innovation Business Forum, MDSC 2017, Ci2017, Ci2019, HortConnections, EIS, CPA Congress, Consult Australia, Innov8rs Singapore, Innov8rs Sydney, NZ Tunnelling Conference 2019...

Rachel is an Economics graduate of Sydney University and holds a Maîtrise in Political Economy from l’Université de Paris-Sorbonne. Rachel completed her MBA at Melbourne Business School in 2015 and was awarded the Dean’s scholarship for Women in Business.

She is a regular blogger and has published a whitepaper on 'The Innovation Mix', the ingredients required to foster a culture of innovation and co-wrote another on the collision points between People, Innovation and Marketing mindsets. She is currently writing a book on the main biases getting in the way of creative thinking entitled ‘Unblinkered’.

Outside interests include cooking, cycling, yoga, French stage theatre – with productions in Lyon and Melbourne - and increasingly, kite surfing with her husband. Rachel has 3 bi-cultural and bilingual children.


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