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Diversity Sub-committee

1. Objectives

  1. This policy is designed to provide a framework for SoCLA to promote and foster diversity in the its activities including through:

a. Promoting equal gender opportunity and trans-gender opportunity;

b. Encouraging participation in SoCLA events and activities from people from all ages – i.e. students up to those who have retired;

c. Encouraging participation on the SoCLA Board of Directors from professionals holding various occupations within the construction industry, particularly those in non-legal roles;

d. Encouraging participation on the SoCLA Board of Directors from members across all Australian jurisdictions; and

e. Education – all backgrounds and working together to bridge the gaps in knowledge.

2. Achieving the objectives above would include the following initiatives:

a. Committment to approaching speakers for events and panels of diverse backgrounds made by the Chairs and endorsed by the Board;

b. encourage participation of young members (in collaboration with the Young Constructors Subcommittee); and

c. education – providing access to programs and papers to the membership (in collaboration with the Academic Subcommittee, Events Subcommittee and Communications Subcommittee).  



If you have any questions about this policy or the way that SoCLA events or programs are approaching diversity issues, please contact the Chair of the Diversity Sub-Committee, Jaclyn Masters


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