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Formal information

Office Holders

Founding Chair: Professor Ian Bailey AM SC

Chair: Laina Chan
Vice Chair: Ben Davidson
Secretary: Michael Gibson
Treasurer: Kate Bower  

Directors: Laina Chan, Ben Davidson, Michael Gibson, Kate Bower, Sean Brady, David Ulbrick, Jodi Palmer, Kevin Pascoe, Emma Lampard. 

Further details about the current Directors can be found here

Formal Information about the Society

The Society's formal name is: Society of Construction Law Australia Limited.

The Society's formal details are: ACN 145 288 786 and ABN 99 145 288 786. 

Contact with the Society should be made through the secretary as follows: 

Secretary, Society of Construction Law Australia Limited 
Ground Floor, Wentworth Chambers 
180 Phillip Street 


The Society does not trade. The Society is a not for profit learned society. The Society seeks to raise money, through memberships and registration fees for events convened by the Society to cover the costs of the Society's activities and to support and promote the aims of the Society. 

The Society's Constitution can be found here.

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